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Greetings choir members

Thank you for accessing Chorale's new website. As you will have gathered this is very much a 'work in progress' so any comments, preferably constructive, will be welcome. Please have a word with Olly.


Applications for our Come-and-Sing on March 25th are encouragingly high so please
keep advertising both the C&S and the evening performance as widely as you can.
Recruit your friends, especially members of other choirs, display posters in
shops, libraries, churches, anywhere where people gather.

The committee decided that applicants would be invited to attend Chorale Tuesday
rehearsals up to the event and several prospective singers have expressed an
interest in doing this. If you see a 'new' face, please be welcoming and helpful.
Any queries that you can't handle pass on to a member of the committee.


Musical Director : Caius Lee
Deputy Musical Director : Ian Baxter
Chair : Enid Bennett
Secretary : Sylvia Walker
Secretary : Peter Hardy
Treasurer : Oliver Downing
Librarian : Lydia Morgan
Ticket Secretary : Sue Mitchell
Subscribers : Jean Wilkinson
Choir Secretary : Christina Briggs